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Vice President and Corporate Executive Chef Helmut Holzer joined the GFI team in January 2007, bringing the Culinary Masters product line with him. A native of Austria, Helmut holds the title of Kuchen Meister (European Master Chef) and Kontidor Meister (European Master Pastry Chef). He is one of 65 Certified Master Chefs in the United States.

In November of 2008, the World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) bestowed the honor of Global Master Chef (WGMC) upon Helmut making him one of only 11 chefs in the U.S. with that credential. Helmut has dedicated the last 40 years to the culinary profession and has won a host of awards and commendations along the way. They include prestigious Culinary Olympics awards and numerous World Cup titles in culinary artistry, ice sculpting, and outstanding pastry presentations.

Helmut has guided GFI’s culinary program to his exacting standard for the last seven years. Our spice program selections, as well as our grain, dried fruits, nuts, and bean selections are personally sourced by Helmut. He has added exotic marinades and unique spice rubs to our extensive flavor inventory. There have been new additions to our food service and further-prepared item selections that come directly from Chef’s state of the art kitchen at GFI, the Center for Culinary Arts. He has also been involved in furthering the ongoing curriculum of the Institut du Fromage at GFI, the leading cheese education program in America. Helmut offers an invaluable talent for furthering the education of our sales representatives and our valuable customers. He is always available for training, research, and developing new and interesting products and applications that will be on the cutting edge of the culinary scene in America.